Understanding the differentiated neural response among Apple users and Samsung users.

Brand Objective:
To improve the effectiveness of Samsung ads and align them with a retention + acquisition strategy during the release of a new product

Understanding the differentiated neural response among Apple users and Samsung users to develop a blueprint for future advertising campaigns that work for both audiences.

1) What could be a clear brand choice message to retain existing Samsung users?
2) How might we create a brand impact for stronger acquisition of non-Samsung users?
3) What trends and strategy can be applied to increase brand curiosity and engagement amongst Apple users?

Neuro-Insight solution:

  • We measured the neural impact of varied Samsung ads using SST to determine moments for prominent placements of the Samsung brand.
  • We proposed subtle, natural inclusions rather than obvious tribal messaging.
  • It was also identified that the first black screen performs well where branding can be recovered as well as consistent or engaging product actions.

The Findings:
Apple Users/Intenders showed strong aversion/defence mechanisms to direct/allegorical Samsung branding, hence the natural, subtle Samsung branding was recommended.

Client’s Perspective:
“Neuro-Insight embodies the 4 P’s of Patience, Persistence, Perspective, and Passion and uses them beautifully to create strong partnerships, a secret 5th P. Their ways are unique, their technology – validated, their people – motivated, their method – collaborative, their instinct – sharp, and their leadership – fearless. I look forward to working with them more”
Manvir Kalsi, Senior Manager, Innovation Process & Research, Samsung

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